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Contest Winners: Whiskey Island's First Annual Undergraduate Creative Writing Contest

Whiskey Island is thrilled to announce the winners of its first annual creative writing contest! The following three pieces showed promise, skill, and creativity:

"Family Ghosts" by Emma Hawkins (creative essay)

"Glass by the River" by Zoey Pincelli (poetry)

"Gasmaske" by Ian Malinoski (fiction)

Emma Hawkins is a junior creative writing major from Central Ohio. She takes interest in feminist literature and short stories about the elderly and spends most of her time with her cat Yogi. After graduation, she hopes to work in publishing and publish her own collection of short stories. Her publication through the Whiskey Island website will be her first.

Zoey Pincelli is a sophomore computer science major with English and mathematics minors. As a writer, she often focuses on crime fiction, sci-fi, and, of course, poetry! Her hopes for graduation are to pursue a career in software engineering while working on her novel-in-progress. Her publication through the Whiskey Island website will be her first.

Ian Malinoski is a senior communication major from North Olmsted, Ohio. He enjoys writing fiction, especially Star Wars fiction, reading, and wearing his Stormtrooper costume for charity as part of the 501st Legion. After graduation, he's not quite sure what he wants to do. His publication through Whiskey Island's website will be his very first.

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